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Collection: Shaving Bowls

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Get High-Quality Shaving Bowls Online

A shaving bowl is a shaving accessory which is used to lather up shaving cream or soap. A frothy lather gives a smooth shaving experience and for that having the right shaving bowl is important.

If you are passionate about handmade items, you can consider Handicrafts Home. We are a leading online home décor brand offering handmade shaving bowls made from genuine ox horn. When you Buy Shaving Bowls online it will be easier for you to get that rich creamy lather while shaving because the bowl fits perfectly in your palms. The size of our bowls is perfect for creating lather with your shaving soap and shaving brush. Since we use natural horn, the color of the bowls varies. Our shaving bowls are designed to give you a thicker and creamier lather. When you choose to Buy Shaving Bowls online you can get that traditional wet shaving experience at home.

Shaving bowl collection

  • Ox Horn Shave Bowl Lathering Up Shaving Soap Cup Bowl - 5”
  • Ox Horn Shave Bowl Lathering Up Shaving Soap Cup Bowl – 6”

Why choose us?

We take pride in working with some of the most talented artisans who are behind our high performing and affordable line of products. We always make sure to keep up with upcoming trends. The raw materials that we use in our handmade products are sourced naturally and we follow ancient methods to create the products.

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