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Collection: Drinking Horn

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Buy Authentic Viking Drinking Horns From Handicrafts Home

Man knew how to make alcohol long before he could make a drinking glass. He needed a vessel to hold his drinks. So he decided to hollow out the horns of animals which he hunted and use them as a vessel for drinking. This is how drinking horns came into being and the trend still continues. It reminds us of the past and ancient cultures.

Handicrafts Home is a leading online home décor brand that offers genuine Viking Drinking Horn, the designs of which are inspired by the Viking Age. We are the retailers of finest quality handcrafted drinking horns. Our drinking horn collection features drinking glass cup, mug cup with ox horn beaker and drinking horn with stand cups vessels. Our handmade Viking Drinking Horn is created with utmost precision using 100% natural materials of best quality. You can get these drinking horns for yourself and for your friends and family as unique gifts.

Drinking horn collection

  1. Shot Glass Cup Whisky Real Horn Vintage-set of 12, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2
  2. Whiskey Shot Glasses Real Horn Mug Cup-set of 5, 3 and 2 pieces
  3. Horn Viking Cups Ox Horn Beaker-6”
  4. Real Viking Horn with Stand Cups Vessels-14”
  5. Horn Viking Cups Horn Beaker-6”

Why choose us?

We use food-safe sealant to seal and coat the carefully handcrafted drinking horns that we make. No two of our products look the same and each of our products passes through quality control to ensure highest quality. We take pride in excellent customer service that we are providing for years now. Besides the standard ones, we have several delivery options.

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Get Viking Drinking Horn from our online store, enthrall guests at home, and enjoy your favorite drink!