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Handmade in South Asia, our leading home décor brand Handicrafts Home allows us to provide you with a truly beautiful and unique range of homewares. With a rich history, Handicrafts Home uses traditional methods of craftsmanship to create its stunning collections.

With an inspiring story at its heart, Handicrafts Home continues to create homeware of outstanding quality and style...

As the name might suggest, each piece created under Handicrafts Home is handmade, using ancient methods to create real quality pieces. Beautiful and functional, you will see the use of lots of raw materials within the Handicraft designs.

Handicrafts are something they work by hands with hand tools on manual techniques. The finished products are various home décor, table décor, kitchen ware, costume jewelry and bathroom vanity accessories etc. Handicrafts Home uses purified and processed buffalo bone, horn and wood to make all versatile decorative gift products and the work on this is a complete ancient traditional method.

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Beautiful frame. Lovely accent to any shelf or table making your photograph the center of attention. Glass comes with a protective cover so that it arrives spotless. I’m very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality product to frame a cherished memory.

Liza R. Desmond

Very pretty in person...the frame has many lovely shades of green in it. I especially like that it has wall hangers already on the back (for both horizontal and vertical hanging) as well as a fold out stand. It comes with plexiglass instead of glass, but that's no problem for me. It's perfect for framing some embroidered turtles I it!


Beautiful frame, well made, excellent craftsmanship. This is a tabletop frame and not intended to be hung on the wall. I misread the VERY CLEAR description stating such, so if I can do so safely, I will alter the frame. I won't return it, it is too beautiful. I can always put it on a shelf on my photowall.


Good quality and beautiful color, exactly as pictured. I had been expecting the color squares to be shell for some reason, so I was surprised that they are wood but not disappointed. It's perfect.


I purchased this frame for my daughters graduation picture because the colors matched her schools color theme. The frame is beautiful and her photos looks amazing in it. I will enjoy this for years to come!


A One Stop Shop For Handmade Home Décor Products

It is home décor which can transform your four-walled house into a dream abode. Home décor has a lot to do with the ambience and reflects your personality. It can add a personal touch to your living space.

Handicraft Home presents an array of home décor options. We are a leading home décor shop offering great collection of sophisticated handmade home décor product online created by master craftsmen. Each of our products is a masterpiece in its own right. Our designs are exclusive and have great aesthetic value. We travel throughout the world so that we can present you with beautiful designs.

Our home décor shop can bring you the joy of homemaking with its fine crafted products. Whether your home looks traditional or modern, our products complement them. You can choose from our selection of affordable handmade home décor product online and spruce up your space.

Our products are meticulously designed and are available in different designs, colors, sizes and materials. Besides, all our products are unique gift ideas.

Our collections
1. Photo frames
2. Baby photo frames
3. Decorative trays
4. Bathroom trays
5. Drinking horn
6. Jewelry box
7. Pen holders
8. Shaving bowls

Why choose us?

Our products strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The products are created by highly skilled master artisans and we aim to provide these independent artisans a platform to showcase their creativity.

We make sure to use only naturally sourced raw materials and traditional techniques in order to deliver best quality products that lasts longer. We have earned a reputation for continuous innovation and excellent customer service. In addition, we offer free standard delivery, secure payment options, instant support and no questions asked returns.

Get in touch with us and bring home some exquisite handmade home décor products!