This year is exciting for design fans, with a wide range of new options to incorporate into your home décor. Here's our top picks for your 2019 interior checklist...


11x17 Decorative Moroccan Bone Inlay Ottoman Tray

Small details in decorative pieces are all the rage in 2019, and this Moroccan-inspired piece combines both a little added storage and an item made from natural materials. The tray comes in a range of muted colours, and featured a simple yet elegant pattern which will blend into existing décor or make a big style statement, depending on the desired effect.


4x6 Mother of Pearl Picture Frame

One of the biggest trends this year is neutral colours, and this delightful picture frame provides a great way to incorporate the trend into your home. With a stunning mother of pearl frame, there's room to display your favourite memories, too – making this a dual purpose item which also ties in with 2019's trend for multi-purpose décor.


8x5 Black & White Triangle Decorative Jewellery Box

This decorative box is ideal for storing both jewellery and small yet precious items which could easily be lost. It plays into this year's trends for minimalism and monochrome, as well as providing a stylish piece which will suit almost any type of décor perfectly.


Viking Drinking Horn

An individualistic piece with an artisan feel, investing in a Viking drinking horn is the perfect way of incorporating the trend for real craftsmanship into your home décor. Presented in neutral colours, the item is sure to make a statement, and provides a real talking point for visitors to your property.


Moroccan Art Inspired Caddy Pencil Cup

Perfect for use in the home office or simply as an area to store your stationery,  the Moroccan-inspired pencil cup is crafted in blue and white, and comes in a variety of different patterns to help you find the ideal one for you. Designs are drawn from Moroccan art, and work well when incorporated into neutral rooms as a standout piece.


Bone Inlay Frame Set of 3

Inclusive of three designs and sizes, and numerous colour schemes, these remarkable photo frames provide a great way to ensure each photo frame on display ties in which the same colour scheme and aesthetic. The graduated colour scheme used is perfect for showcasing your favourite memories, and can make either a bold statement or blend in seamlessly with existing décor choices.