Trends move fast in the world of home décor, but there's no need to miss out on a refresh of the latest styles. In this blog, we'll take a look at the top 10 ideas to incorporate into your own home throughout 2019 and beyond...


  • Plants

One of the most significant home décor trends for 2019, adding plants to almost every space imaginable plays into a larger trend for natural finishes and tiny details. If you want to get involved with this trend, then you need only pick up a few potted plants or flowers and place them in an attractive vase on an indoor windowsill.


  • Natural wood

A return to natural (or at least natural-looking) wooden accents and flooring is another popular trend for 2019. This provides the ideal canvas for a relaxed aesthetic, and requires only minimal upkeep to stay looking its very best.


  • Sustainable materials

As part of a growing trend for sustainability and an eco-friendly approach, home décor is turning towards sustainable materials. You can find this in everything from fabric to more solid objects.


  • Multi-functional furniture

As living spaces get smaller, people are looking at ways of combining multiple purposes into one piece. This provides the flexibility to adjust each item to your individual needs.


  • Matte finishes

There are matte items in abundance on the market in 2019, most commonly featuring darker colours like black or deep grey. These provide a great contrast with some of the brighter offerings available.


  • Pastel brights

Pastel colours are also popular for this year, and are a recurring motif particularly in wall décor and small furnishings, where they provide a pop of muted colour and added interest.


  • Vintage pieces

Vintage items (and those which adopt a distinctively vintage aesthetic) are making a big impression throughout 2019, and provide a chance to invest in pieces which tell a real story.


  • Handmade décor

Artisan and craft home décor is also important this year, thanks to a renewed interest in supporting true craftsmanship and individuality. This provides plenty of scope for choosing unique and personal décor.


  • Neutral tones

A neutral take on home décor is a way of creating a less confrontational monochrome look, which uses cream, grey and beige to create a wholly adaptive aesthetic.


  • Textured artwork

Textured artwork is a way of branching away from more static pieces, with the art often printed on fabric such as canvas. This helps to create softer lines and enables a wider audience to invest in art, without breaking the budget.