Ottoman trays have become a popular addition to many people's home décor in recent years, and investing in one could make a worthwhile investment for 2019. Here's a few reasons to get an Ottoman tray – and a few suggestions for your own purchase...


What is an Ottoman tray – and why do you need one?

Ottoman trays have been around for a long time, and are typically designed to add a new purpose to an existing piece of furniture. They can be perched on top of an Ottoman, and provide everything from added storage space to a place where you can put a tray, or even use as a foot-rest.

 In an era when almost everything has to be multi-purpose (thanks to smaller living spaces and a shift towards eco-friendly living), Ottoman trays can be used to serve dishes, covered with books or other home accessories, and always make an attractive new addition to your living space.


Consider your existing décor

Do you want your new Ottoman tray to blend in with your home furnishings, or make a big style statement? There are plenty of options for both, but it helps to know your aim ahead of a purchase.


Look for flexible pieces

Consider how the Ottoman tray you choose will fit into your existing life, as going for ones which present a number of different options for use is a great way to get more value for money.


Our top recommendations:

Here are a couple of the very best Ottoman trays to invest in this year, helping you join in with a current trend for 2019...


Octagon Decorative Tray Breakfast Coffee Table Top Serving Tray (12x12)


The unusual shape of this Ottoman tray means it makes a striking decorative accent in your home, and is great for serving food. The blue and white pattern helps to add more interest, and will blend fantastically into your existing décor.


Decorative Tray Breakfast Coffee White Table Top Ottoman Tray (12x12)

For a more streamlined look, this white Ottoman tray is the perfect choice, with clean lines and small details which provide real interest. The tray is ideally suited to serving a relaxed breakfast, or using as a little added storage space in your home. It is attractive enough to stand out, but neutral enough to work well with almost any home décor style.