Handmade in South Asia, our leading home décor brand Handicrafts Home allows us to provide you with a truly beautiful and unique range of homewares. With a rich history, Handicrafts Home uses traditional methods of craftsmanship to create its stunning collections.

With an inspiring story at its heart, Handicrafts Home continues to create homeware of outstanding quality and style...


Getting to know Handicrafts Home...

Handicrafts Home reflect the influence of the local culture and traditions within the rural communities. Established in a simple family home, today Handicrafts Home is considered to be ‘master craftsmen’ in the home décor industry. As an innovative brand that pushes boundaries, yet remains humble to its roots, the company travels the world just to discover new home décor trends and unique materials.

As the name might suggest, each piece created under Handicrafts Home is handmade, using ancient methods to create real quality pieces. Beautiful and functional, you will see the use of lots of raw materials within the Handicraft designs.


Behind the scenes...
Handicrafts are something they work by hands with hand tools on manual techniques. Their finished products are various home décor, table décor, kitchen ware, costume jewelry and bathroom vanity accessories etc. Handicrafts Home uses purified and processed buffalo bone, horn and wood to make all versatile decorative gift products and the work on this is a complete ancient traditional method.

At Handicrafts Home, they craft the ideas of decorating homes and gifting family & friends.the team behind the brand conjointly known as artisans, possess technical data of materials and work ways. They’re skilled craftspeople whose profession relies on manual skills

Working with Handicrafts Home is Areesha, who learnt her trade from her father. Using natural materials plays a strong roll in handicrafts, and the material that Areesha works with is bone, horn and wood After this raw material has been collected, it is then cut into 3-4 pieces, before being dipped into hydrogen and cleaned. Then they cut these pieces into chips, in accordance with the shape of the designs. The bone pieces are the placed on to the design with fevicol or araldite proxy. The surface is then polished. If the design is a box, a piece is cut to form a perfectly fitting lid.

The final touches are then added with many hands, and the product is ready, having been handmade using traditional craftsmanship and methods.

The future looks bright for Handicrafts Home, as more and more people discover the charming products with that hand-finished feel.

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