Every year we all make new plans and take actions regarding our homes. It may be an overall redecoration or simply just adding on new things. 2020 coming to end helped us all believe that we can once again start working on them. We all agree that we need a change from those old boring color and setting that we are used to. Many of us even gave home décor a thought in the pandemic. There is nothing better than planning something exciting and fun. The way you design your house, the colors and setting you use truly affects your thought and energy.
Get your house painted, arranged and designed in such a manner that you achieve and nail the trend. From furniture to color contrast you need to pay attention to all. Comfort and style are now turning into a necessity.


Pantone colors


With this year’s pantone colors which are Yellow hue and ultimate grey we are all set to change the look of the home. While there would be the neutral tone of grey there would also be a pop with the bright yellow. Grey would serve the background well with the tinge of yellow. This contrasting color scheme will surely bring a perfect change in your environment. You could encompass this combination either with the entire room or just a small space, it works wonder for both.


The Grandmillenial style



The perfect blend of traditional and modern contemporary style. It is when all the detailed work and art meets your creativity.They are more inclined towards being prints, linens and embroided. 2021 is going to be all about such an old school design emerging again. An interesting combination which are unique and gives away good vibes. They are the new future. Grab antiques which are detailed and match your décor according to it. More is less in this style.


Warm colors



When we think of warm colors we somehow associate it to being a closed space and too cozy. The perfect combination for your house. With such warm colors add on some couches and comfortable sofas. Put up simple furniture and decorate it with art pieces.They give a personality to your house and whosoever comes in would surely be in awe of its beauty. You can add up all different colors and make it look more artistic.


Photo frames



Something that we can count on always being present in our home décor designs are the photo frames. They truly blend with the background, the color scheme and add on to the beauty of the house. The more photo frames your house has the more you will find yourself drawn to it. While some can be placed on top of your drawers some would be put up on the wall. The frames, the memories on those frames never fade away.


Geometric design



These designs have made their way into home décor too. These regular and irregular shapes design do take away your breath when you see them being properly implemented. They make a huge impact on the viewer. It could either be your wall paint or a small intricate item such as the jewellery box. Just a set of line and boxes make a huge difference.


Decorative trays


A perfect selection will contribute a great deal to the overall display. We could see that people have gradually started loving and taking care of plants. Plants are being brought inside the house itself to create a look. Sometimes hung over, kept near your study table or put up on some decorative trays. The trays and their placement play an important role. Buy the ones which go along with the plants and your table. Decorative trays may appear small but they easily attract attention. Not only for plants but you could use it for your makeup products or putting on some vase.


This year is going to be all about handmade and vintage. Many old trends are set to come back with its touch of linens and details. In overall you will be given many options which set to revolve around being chic, comfortable, traditional and cozy. Have you home bring pleasure to you, decorate it with these latest trends and focus on your detailing well. Each object matters when you are involving in the process. Make sure you set your eyes on the right product.

To help you with the handicrafts switch over to Handicrafts Home and have your favourite choice picked up. Have a variety of choices in your trays. shaving bowls, photo frames, pen holders and many more. When the matter is about decorating your home, you should never be out of options and since 2021 is all about handicrafts and colors you need not worry. Find the perfect fit for your soon to be perfect home.