Decorative wooden trays are flat piece of wood designed with raised edges with eye-catchy patterns that allows you to beautifully present your amazing recipes and present's a sign of good mannerism and sophistication when guest arrives. Decorative Wooden trays are an integral part of every household accessory either used for serving purpose or as a centerpiece. Nothing can match the charm and class of decorative & stylish wooden trays offered by Handicrafts Home. It come with subtly unique forms and stylish engraved handles that helps avoiding stuff from sliding off. These are widely used by various household due to their rich grain, texture, wood transcends style and impressive style. Trays are always in a working mode, be it any festival, occasion, event, get-together or movie night, The decorative wooden trays can be best utilized for serving purposes, home décor or organizing your household stuff.
Using a wooden tray for home décor or serving purpose helps you to establish a good impression in front of the guests. Decorative trays enable you to beautifully serve your impressive dishes, drinks and snacks to achieve a sense of warm hospitality and to match the current era of socializing. In addition to serving, decorative trays can also be used for various purposes. You can add a theme or decorative element to your home by using wooden trays as a piece of home décor and an organizer of things in your space.
Besides being an incredibly versatile home décor element, Handicrafts Home offers stylish wooden trays that are eco-friendly kitchenware and adds a natural accent to your dining table. You can place it as a center piece on your dining table and enhance its overall look.

Ways to Utilize Decorative Wooden Tray

Decorative serving Tray
  • Decorative tray: Use your decorative wooden tray as home décor by placing stylish products such as vases, candles, seasonal arrangements, photo frames and small planters. You can use a variety of wooden trays including Vintage, Modern and Contemporary and mix and match the styles, colors, and looks to create the right ambience for your home.  The wooden showpieces give a natural and enchanting look to your drawing room making it look naturally classy. It can be used as an all-purpose tray to serve and enhance the look of your home altogether.


Wooden Serving Tray
  • Serving beverages: Serving beverages such as tea, coffee or drinks is the best sign of warm hospitality. You can add some sophistication in attending your guests by offering some cake, biscuits and cookies along with beverages in the beautiful wooden tray. It represents the sense of mannerism and class. The tray comes with raised edges which will help avoid any chances of tea spillage. Its extra-wide surfaces allow you to adjust coffee cups and snacks all in one place.


  • Organizer: Some tiny stuffs of your space are often scattered at the places and eventually contribute to the messy look of the area. To make your room look more presentable, The decorative wooden trays can be used as an organizer for your important stuff such as oil, creams, makeup products, stationery items and more to make your space look less messy and more presentable. The versatile organizer will help you assemble your important things in one place to help you save your time finding them all and make your space look well organized. You can pair your wooden tray with beautiful accessories to enhance its overall look. Your tray will look much attractive with keys, jewelry and more.


Decorative Wooden Tray
  • Kitchen décor: Kitchen accounts for a lot of stuff usually scattered everywhere that eventually increases the mess and degrades the look of your space. Placing all the handy utensils in the wooden tray will add a charm and elegance to your kitchen. You can use it to store frequently used items such as tea bags, spices, oils and more. It can also be used as a decorative accent to present frames, personal mementos, small planters and flowers to give a fresh look to your kitchen. You can also use it as ready to serve tea tray by organizing all the cups in it.


Decorative Wooden tray
  • Wall décor: Want to make your dull and empty wall look eye-catchy? Then wooden trays can do the right job. You can also carve lovely messages for your family keep as a heartwarming wall hanging that pours a sense of love every time you see the wall. It is a multi-purpose wall that can also be used to frame or highlight your favorite keepsakes, or even use as photo frames. You can give it a unique style by filling it with dried flowers, shells, leaves, or a personal memento and attach it with a glass to give it a beautiful look. You can also try some DIY wooden tray wall décor ideas and make your house look lavishing.


Handicrafts Home looks after all your stylish wooden trays needs. Hope you liked these ideas on how to utilize your decorative trays in the best way possible. If you wish to give an elegant touch to your house, check out our Stylish Picture Frames here.