Why Are Drinking Horn Mugs a Class Apart?


When it comes to enjoying your favorite drink, read beer, you don’t want to make any compromises. You want to feel special and uplifted while holding that mug of beer in your hand. But here’s something new. While your entire attention has been on the quality of the drink all this while, we are here to divert a little attention of yours towards the mug in which you hold your beloved beverage. Let’s try to give a twist to the way you have always enjoyed your drink. Let’s take a path down the history into the Viking world and learn about Viking drinking horns that were considered to be a social statement back in those days. This way, we will at least get to know why we are so obsessed with them. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about drinking horn mugs.


As Ancient As History Itself

Ancient Horn Glass


Viking mugs are known to have been used in many cultures and are estimated to be around 2600 years old. They were originally created for drinking purposes only, but over time they started to be used for several other activities, mostly related to ceremonies and rituals. A few cultures in whose history the mention of Drinking Horn Mugs were found were ancient Greece, ancient Rome and even Celtic culture. And yes, these mugs were used by everyone back in those days. So, why do we love to associate them with only Vikings? Well, you guessed it right! Vikings are a cool thing.


Never Let Anything Go to Waste

Making of Horn Glass


This is related to how the drinking horn mugs were made back then. Unlike today, people back then took nature seriously and didn’t like to put anything to waste. So, when they hunted, they ate what they could, and the rest of it… well, they put it to different uses. So, as its name suggests, people started to create these sexy mugs out of the horns of the hunted animals without having the slightest idea of the favor they were doing to us. This is what happens when you really strive hard to get the food you eat… you can’t throw away anything. Today’s drinking horn mugs are obviously not created out of hunted animal horns, obviously. But we like to feel the swag of the old times anyways.


It’s Time to Party

Horn Mugs for Parties


The Viking Horn Mugs throughout history and across cultures have been associated with drinking alcohol, merrymaking and fun; read partying!!! This was the Vikings’ way of letting go of the stress of hunting, wars and hard labor. And the drinks didn’t necessarily had to be wine. But rest assured, we guarantee that whatever they sipped out of these cool mugs after a hard day of wounds and fighting, was worth it.


So, with such a glorious history associated with them, which cool dude is not gonna want to drink out of these stylish mugs. But, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on some? Don’t worry! We are here to give you a real Viking experience.


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