Handcrafted Decorative Trays 

Trays have played crucial roles in our households with a variety of functions including all categories of serving food and drinks, decor purposes and even ceremonial events. Utility trays  have captured the markets for too long, but the most recent trend has been upholstered by vintage trays. Set up in delightful tones, they showcase tinges of royalty and eloquence. So, it is the right time to get hold of one of them and leave a lasting impression of good taste in home décor.


Generally, trays serve the purpose of carrying food, drinks or even displaying it on the dining arenas, but this recent category of decorative trays have just entered the game and are now widely used in parties and other such events.


If you are someone who loves hosting parties or is in awe of decorating your house or impressing your guests, this is going to be the best resource for you. Even if you just sit at home all day, a sense of décor adds vivid pictures to your day and helps you stay joyful and motivated.


Handcrafted Trays for decoration

Ways in which you can use decorative trays-

You can use these beautifully set trays in a lot of ways including all that of utility, decor and even showcasing royalty while adding inputs to your home decor. You can also use them in office organization and parties that you host. These can also be used by event managers to add on colors and even in ceremonial occasions at church.

 In Different Rooms


It is time to ditch your old crockery and brighten your kitchen with beautiful modified trays and serve your food with elegance. You can put your essentials in the tray near the stove for easy accessibility. Beautification adds on to mood and uplifts the aura of cooking.

  • Fruit Tray
  • Cheese platters
  • Breakfast Trays
  • Snacks



Handcrafted Wooden Trays

You might have seen beautiful aesthetic pictures on the internet and might have thought of living in them. Well it is time to say goodbye to your thoughts. You can now add aesthetic value to your bedroom by placing such trays on your table or bed or for serving morning tea or even breakfast in bed.

 Living room

Handcrafted Trays for Living Room

This beautiful tray could be the centerpiece of your living room table. You can either keep it for decor purposes by putting in flowers or candles or you can also use it to hold glasses and water jars.


Trays are needed to carry different things at ceremonial occasions, for example a church. You can carry your candles in this beautiful tray and catch all the attention. You can even include this in festive decoration to stand out.


 Home Decoration

As a Planter

Green in the environment catches positive vibes, so why not keep the greens lavishly in these trays and modify the look of your place.

Candle Holder

Keep your extravagant candles in them and use them as a piece of decor on the corner tables. You can also keep them in places where there is a lot of dullness, this would add a tinch of effort.

Wall pieces

Rather than buying boring old paintings why not invest in a contemporary tray and hang it on the wall as a showpiece. It would look beautiful on entrance walls or can be merged with living room decor.

Dresser Pieces

Vanity Tray for Makeup Organizer

You can glorify your wardrobes by storing makeup or other accessories in the trays. Not only will it look beautiful it would also serve the purpose well.

In various Events

Use them while hosting parties for friends or families. You can also put them in your boring office to add elements of interior.


These trays are highly useful. It’s time to bid farewell to your old boring trays and introduce these in your spaces.


Hands down the best use of this is implied when kept at entrance. Handling down keys, flyers, mails, etc could be handily stored here.

Bed side

Handcrafted Tray for Bed Side

If you are a bed loving person and your day revolves around your bed, this tray is going to be the best item for you. Keep your remotes, charger, airpods and everything just within the reach that too with beautification.

Declutter object

If you are a bit frenzy and like organization, this is going to submerge your experience of putting things away to nicely put them on display.

Wine Serving

Glasses have an attraction around them, you can make them more beautiful and presentable by adding a beautiful tray.


You can use this tray by packing it in a transparent wrapper and gifting it along with an exquisite flower. Try your hand at gifting jewelry in these beautiful sets. You can also gift collectibles and sets of exotic books to your loved ones.

 The best option

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