4" x 6" Photo Frame White Pack of 2


At Handicrafts Home, we pride ourselves on decorating homes with beautiful, unique, socially aware, bespoke products. Our materials are sourced with the local environment in mind; social consciousness is at the top of our company's priorities along with providing a product that our customers can be proud to display in their homes, on their desks, and on their mantles.

What inspired us to make these Handicrafts Home classics frames?

We believe in simplicity and we believe life is colorful, we aimed how we can combine this charm and put together in our home décor which in result this collection admired by thousands of Amazon customers worldwide and we appreciate that and thankfully making this collection 80% cheaper than ever before.

Let us explain the details about this collection

Choose these frames in Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Red Turquoise, Verdigris, Vintage, White and Yellow Frames to set a theme.

We have kept our size simple and easy to select. Consider buying these picture frames in all colors to put together a lovely collection.

Instead of glass - we use a type of plastic that is more transparent than glass, flexible, strong and shatterproof. It is the perfect addition to any photo frame as it ensures you can see your photo or picture extremely clearly without the risk of it breaking if it falls.

All our picture frames come with saw tooth hangers on the back, positioned perfectly for landscape or portrait use. Whichever frame you choose, you can hang them on wall or place them on a vertical surface such as a tabletop, shelf or mantle

Each Plexiglas is covered with protective films on both sides to prevent any damage or scratches on ultra-transparent Plexiglas. Please ‘PEEL-OFF’ it before using our photo frames.

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