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At Handicrafts Home, we lean on our 40 years of expertise in manufacturing to provide distinctive and socially aware home decor and home furnishing products to help people make their homes sophisticated and unique.

A family business, Handicrafts Home represents three generations of creating bespoke home decor and giftware. All items are designed in the USA and skillfully crafted by artisans in India.

We have been delighting our customers with quality products and exceptional service for over a decade online. We source the materials we use with the environment in mind. Our core values are to provide beautiful homewares without sacrificing the planet. After all, it is our planet, its people and its art that inspires our designs.

All our products range is hand crafted pieces that come together to create an elegant design with miraculous details with the range we love the most as:

• Wall Decor
• Tableware
• Kitchenware
• Outdoor Decor
• Centerpiece Home Accents
• Vanity Organizers
• Storage Organizers

We take pride to bring the most cost-efficient home furnishing products line. Starting from the soft and fresh patterns to decor the floor, luxury touch of wall decoration, and making sure we designed something for every corner of the house and refresh into a home, we simply put modern and vintage lines together to enhance the interior beauty of a home.

• Luxury rugs
• Cushions
• Various Loose Covers
• Bedding
• Curtains
• Lampshades
• Tabletop Decor
• Wall Hangings

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Handicrafts Home

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